Lifestyle Photographer, Brooksville, FL

Lifestyle Photographer, Brooksville FL

Meet my daughter, giuliana grace


The only way I can take images of my kids, is doing lifestyle images.  I love this genre as you can just forget I am there and have fun while I take some cool images of you and your family.  Whether it be on the beach, building sand castles or flying kites on a windy evening or in a field having a picnic.  You could even invite me to your home.  We would discuss what theme to do and I would capture all the activity.  Baking cookies in the kitchen is always a great activity to do with your children. We would even go over wardrobe and create a Pinterest page of ideas what to include in your session.  From the mixing bowl to the wooden spoon, from the color of the aprons to the shape of the cookie cutters . I love designing sessions for families.  This genre has to be one my favorite as I love all the involvement with my clients, from designing it, to having an absolute blast seeing the the whole session come to life.  Although its lifestyle, story telling photography I still direct you, so don't panic thinking you will feel awkward not knowing what to do.  I guide you through the whole session just as I would with a regular session.  This is more about no posing and getting lost in the moment. 

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